The current display

The criteria of the new layout

The aim of the new layout of the collections is to demonstrate to the public several of the strong points of the original arrangement conceived by Vincenzo Vela, which was recorded in drawings, photographs, paintings and many descriptions. The large central salon, which during the sculptor's lifetime had already been sacralized, is now once again dominated by the massive equestrian statue of the Duke of Brunswick, around which the "pantheon" has been recreated of the illustrious men of the history of the Italian Risorgimento, in which Vela was personally involved. Vincenzo Vela's main works are set out on a thematic basis in the rooms surrounding the central salon.

022-2 sala XXI

The most outstanding paintings - in terms of their quality and representative nature of the collectors' taste - have been selected from the family picture gallery.
The historical and artistic criterion on which the display is based is consolidated by the presence of other works from the villa collections, in particular those that are representative of Vincenzo's creative procedure. Thus the walls are hung with drawings and preparatory sketches for his sculptural works, but also with period photographs and prints.

Temporary exhibitions are held at regular intervals on the first floor of the villa.


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