Meeting the public

Listen – Dialogue – Propose

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Aware of new expectations that the public has of museum institutions, and convinced of the need to embrace these in its operating methods, over the last few years the Museo Vincenzo Vela has developed the fundamental points on which it now bases its cultural mediation, recognising that a museum's role today goes much further than its traditional tasks of conservation and study.

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In its support of the principle in which cultural learning is considered a universal right (UNESCO World Conference, 2006), the museum has adopted the definition of a museum as a place:

- willing to meet the public and listen to their needs;

- committed to not reducing the museum experience to the mere transmission of knowledge, but to providing the opportunity for a cultural encounter that leads to a better and long-lasting understanding of reality and the surrounding world;

- that facilitates the public's fruition and interpretation of works of art, based on diverse, high quality approaches that stimulate the individual's overall involvement and appreciation;

- conscious of its responsibility in the formation of critical, independent, creative individuals and inquiring communities open to communication and exchange;

- desirous to build a bridge from historic tradition and present innovation to the future, and to actively engage the public in tangible, involving experiences;

- willing to offer new interdisciplinary approaches that break down barriers and prejudices that regard the concept of the museum itself;

- keen to work with institutes and professionals from other milieus;

- open to genuine dialogue with everyone.

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